high-speed rail
News | November 21,2018

The rule paves the way for U.S. high-speed passenger trains to safely travel as fast as 220 mph

variable speed limit sign
News | November 20,2018

The agency chose McCain Inc. to deploy the signs along the smart corridor near Philadelphia

light-rail line
News | November 20,2018

Along with the $1.2 billion grant, the FTA also approved more than $650 million in federal loans for Sound Transit to complete the Lynnwood line

Uber JUMP bike share
News | November 19,2018

The ride-sharing company will begin by rolling out 300 electric-assist bicycles

rideRTC transit app
News | November 16,2018

Improvements include more frequent service on nine popular routes

Real-time adaptive signals aiding traffic flow in Pima County, Az.
News | November 15,2018

The Arizona DOT installed the adaptive timing system this summer and is already seeing improvements

Connecticut DOT opens rail discount program to boost ridership
News | November 14,2018

The program has the support and participation of more than 50 local businesses

smart shuttles
News | November 13,2018

The shuttles will begin accepting passengers in December of this year

work-zone safety
News | November 12,2018

The preliminary data puts fall protection at the top of this year's list

traffic safety
News | November 09,2018

Zendrive and its partners will award $50,000 for programs to improve public safety

autonomous vehicle readiness
News | November 08,2018

The U.S. ranks third overall on the autonomous vehicle readiness index

road funding
News | November 07,2018

The fate of the measure was believed to determine the fate of California’s roads, bridges and transit

News | November 06,2018

The $124 million project includes five streetcar vehicles over a 2-mile system

Report finds that in rural Utah lack of transportation is a medical issue
News | November 02,2018

State organizations are slow to make progress

NTSB report finds 95% of all 2017 transportation fatalities were highway-related
News | November 02,2018

The data, released this week, shed grim light on a significant safety concern for all agencies

bicycle and transit lane
News | November 01,2018

The pilot is part of a series of detours during construction to replace the Chicago Avenue Bridge

autonomous vehicles
News | October 31,2018

The company's fleet of 40 fully autonomous cars will drive daily on city streets, rural roads and highways in the Golden State

infrastructure software
News | October 30,2018

Company announces pedstrian simulation software, open-source library and digital twin cloud services

FTA grants
News | October 29,2018

Officials from the FTA and Connect Transit celebrated the grant awards at an event in Bloomington

Wrong-way driving
News | October 29,2018

Florida State University researchers have compiled two wrong-way driving reports for the Florida Department of Transportation

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