parking guidance sensors
News | July 23,2018

The sensors and operations software is designed to help fatigued truck drivers find available parking to rest

smart corridor
News | July 20,2018

ITS installation and other improvements will be done over the next 12 years on the corridor

Public transit safety rules
News | July 19,2018

The two regulations complete the foundation of the FTA's national public transportation safety program

virtual traffic lights
News | July 17,2018

The traffic light alternative relies on V2V and DSRC technology to coordinate traffic flow

Traffic safety campaign
News | July 17,2018

The Operation Southern Shield campaign, dedicated to reducing traffic speeds, runs July 16-22

Autonomous vehicle research
News | July 17,2018

Much of the research will be done in partnership with government agencies and private-sector companies

Wes Guckert
Exclusive Feature | Wes Guckert, PTP | July 17,2018

A look at the benefits and best practices of bus rapid transit

traffic signal upgrades
News | July 13,2018

The $31 million in traffic signal upgrades will be funded through the state's Green Light-Go program

Driver-friendly cities
News | July 10,2018

The report compared the 100 largest cities in the U.S. across 29 key metrics of driver-friendliness

autonomous shuttle
News | July 06,2018

The timeline is to have the shuttles tested without passengers toward the end of 2018

interstate improvements
News | July 05,2018

The agency's On to 2050 Transportation Plan calls for $72.7 billion in regionally significant projects

Utah DOT uses variable message signs to get personal with the driving public
News | July 02,2018

The new messaging campaign is the agency’s effort to reduce speed and boost safety, save lives

Michael Sweeney, HNTB
Feature | Michael Sweeney | July 02,2018

States and cities must continue to forge ahead with their own transportation funding initiatives amidst mixed signals from Washington

Infrastructure and its need for upgrade are the theme at a recent California technology summit
News | Larry Trojak | June 29,2018

Infrastructure and its need for upgrade are the theme at a recent California technology summit

Smart pavement
News | June 28,2018

The technology can notify first responders when a car runs off the road

Long Grove covered bridge
News | June 28,2018

The 15,000-lb truck struck the top of the covered bridge, which has a 6,000-lb weight limit for vehicles

traffic control network
News | June 28,2018

More than 1,500 cabinets are expected to be deployed for the city's traffic network

S.R. 30 Pennsylvania recovery
News | June 26,2018

PennDOT called on Gannett Fleming to provide expertise and assistance on the emergency project

News | June 25,2018

ITD approved spending $8 million to replace the overpass that sustained fire damage

transit bus infrastructure
News | June 22,2018

The agency announced the availability of $366 million for FY 2018 grants

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