Bus stop demonstration
Feature | Kelly Palframan, Ph.D. | August 16,2017

Using connected-vehicle technology to improve school bus safety

Maryland traffic management center
Feature | Carol Delion, P.E. | August 16,2017

How Maryland’s State Highway Administration keeps things flowing

Texas A&M RELLIS campus
Feature | Paul Carlson, Ph.D., P.E., and Gerald Ullman, Ph.D, P.E. | August 16,2017

Research into and requirements for road markings and work zones in a connected-vehicle environment to boost safety and advance technology

Jim Barbaresso
Feature | Jim Barbaresso | August 16,2017

One secret to successfully funding a Smart City initiative

Automated vehicles
News | August 16,2017

The idea is to have sensors equipped with object detection technology on the self-driving vehicles to ensure safety in accidents involving pedestrians

Mcity at University of Michigan
Feature | Zhibin Chen and Yafeng Yin | August 15,2017

A way to adapt to and promote the deployment of autonomous vehicle technology

road usage
News | August 14,2017

The I-95 Corridor Coalition will look at challenges of road usage fees in Pennsylvania and Delaware

Intelligent transportation systems and automated vehicles
News | August 11,2017

The study expects that by 2040, 20% to 85% of traffic will be highly or fully automated

Railroad crossing
News | August 09,2017

U.S. DOT is rewarding $7.5 million to rehabilitate 90 miles of rail between Grenada and Canton

Hollywood Blvd
Feature | Lauren Ballard, Lilly O’Brien, Jordan Fraade and Jess Jaworski | August 08,2017

A commitment to ending traffic deaths in Los Angeles

Sheepshead Bay Rd after
Feature | Brian W. Budzynski | August 08,2017

In the Big Apple, a culture of experimentation and collaboration is fueling Vision Zero success

Chicago bicycle program complete streets
Feature | Alexandra Dodds | August 08,2017

A complete streets approach can benefit low-income communities

Complete streets in Oakland
Feature | Tim Bruns | August 08,2017

Oakland’s complete streets program creates space for pedestrians and cyclists while improving safety along major corridor

Detroit street lights
Feature | Richard Reitz | August 08,2017

Rejuventating Detroit starts with street illumination

Railroad crossing
News | August 07,2017

The funding will allow the Maine DOT to repair and upgrade 22 rail bridges on the Maine Northern Railway

Solar-powered traffic pads will manage traffic at Florida intersections
News | August 04,2017

The traffic pads have been added on Lake Mary Boulevard and will be tested at a couple other intersections

Traffic congestion
News | August 03,2017

Hours of congestion on the city's highways grew by 13.6% over two years

Bus rapid transit
News | August 01,2017

The proposed rule would allow public transit projects to streamline regulations for private investment

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