Railroad safety
News | July 31,2017

Developing technology includes cracked wheel detection, positive train control and sensor-dropping drones to prevent rail accidents

Wrong way driving warning sign
News | July 28,2017

The board recently approved a $3.7 million plan for a thermal-detection system

Complete streets road design
News | July 27,2017

Construction would tentatively begin in 2021 on the makeover of North Main Street in the city

U.S. Capitol building
News | July 26,2017

The Appropriations subcommittee for transportation approved spending for the TIGER grant program and for the U.S. Department of Transportation

Flex route gantry over U.S. 23 lanes in Michigan
News | July 25,2017

The smart road traffic management system will promote safety on U.S. 23 near Ann Arbor

Truck on highway
News | July 25,2017

The department is implementing infrared technology to warn truck drivers of low-clearance bridges

Light-rail commuter transit
News | July 20,2017

The court blocked a lower ruling that kept the Purple Line from moving forward

News | July 18,2017

The vehicles will be tested on I-95 and I-495 over the next three years in the D.C. area

News | July 17,2017

The 33-mile project would mark the first time that toll lanes would be implemented in the county

News | July 14,2017

The administration is making $226.5 million available through the Grants for Buses and Bus Facilities Infrastructure Investment Program

News | July 13,2017

The ITS America Board of Directors is beginning an executive search to replace Hopper

News | July 13,2017

Draft measures would bar states from setting self-driving vehicle rules

News | July 12,2017

The subcommittee on transportation, housing and urban development advanced a bill that would decrease U.S. DOT funding by $646 million

News | July 11,2017

The research performed by the American Action Forum sees higher procurement costs

News | July 07,2017

The new cost is a significant increase from the earlier $7.7 billion initially estimated to improve the major link from New York to New Jersey

News | July 06,2017

After a recent derailment in Manhattan and countless delay and disruption complaints, Gov. Cuomo is pledging improvements for NYC subways

News | July 06,2017

The SFMTA could be adding red lanes to 50 more streets in the city

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