U.S. Department of Transportation
News | April 24,2018

The new BUILD program will replace the U.S. DOT TIGER grant program

U.S. 183 South toll road project in Austin, Texas
News | April 23,2018

The completed general-purpose lanes on the project are expected to open by next month, while the entire project is on track for completion in 2020

high-speed transit tunnel
News | April 20,2018

Excavation permits were granted for a 2.7-mile proof of concept high-speed transit tunnel

Georgia express lanes project
News | April 20,2018

The $834 million Northwest Corridor Express Lanes project is expected to open by September

advanced transportation technologies
News | April 19,2018

The funding comes from a FAST Act program that works to improve the nation's transportation systems, reduce traffic congestion and increase safety

A new agreement between the University of South Florida’s Center for Urban Transportation Research and the city of Tampa will allows this new partnership to explore smart transportation projects in central Florida.
News | April 19,2018

A memorandum of understanding opens the door for the city and university to work together on smart transportation projects

Autonomous vehicle testing
News | April 17,2018

The move comes less than a month after two fatal crash incidents involved cars with autonomous features from Uber and Tesla

work-zone distracted driving campaign
News | April 16,2018

The goal of the "Watch for Us" campaign is to remind drivers to pay attention while driving through work zones

Rail transit safety
News | April 13,2018

The GAO advised the FTA in its report to create a plan for developing risk-based inspection guidance for state safety agencies

work-zone safety
News | April 12,2018

The rumble strips will serve as a physical, auditory and visual warning for drivers passing work zones

PennDOT unveils policy action for automated vehicle safety measures
News | April 10,2018

The multi-step action plan will go into effect immediately

New rules proposed for autonomous cars to pick up passengers in California
News | April 09,2018

This step forward for autonomous car developers is being greeted with scrutiny over safety concerns, following recent AV-related death in Arizona

Bus infrastructure
News | April 06,2018

The $264 million in federal funding will go toward projects to replace, rehabilitate, and purchase buses and related equipment

Traffic safety against distracted driving
News | April 05,2018

About 19% of vehicle crashes on Texas roads involved distracted driving in 2017

I-90 Chicago 2016
News | April 04,2018

The study from the Illinois Economic Policy Institute indicates roadways requiring immediate attention in the state has increased 85% since 2000

I-66 highway construction Virginia
News | April 03,2018

Two toll lanes in each direction are expected to be open by the end of 2022

shared-ride transit
News | April 02,2018

The Ecolane scheduling and dispatch software helps maximize shared-ride transit trips provided

road safety
News | March 30,2018

Recent studies indicate drivers using phones have higher risks of crash involvement

trucks only
News | March 30,2018

The commercial-vehicle-only lane project is said to be the first of its kind in the U.S.

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