rural driving intersection safety
Exclusive Feature | Nicole Oneyear, Shauna Hallmark and Raju Thapa | August 06,2018

Using naturalistic driving study data to understand rural intersection safety

transit funding
News | August 03,2018

The $16.1 billion bill also will dedicate funding for intercity passenger-rail grants

Carmel 115 roundabouts
Feature | Jeremy Kashman | August 02,2018

Carmel, Ind., makes a beeline toward city development and improvement via roundabouts—lots of them

Piedmont Road to Tower Place
Feature | Andrew Kohr | August 02,2018

Walkability study in Atlanta aims to generate opportunity for change

Green complete streets
Feature | Siba El-Samra | August 02,2018

Designing and implementing green complete streets

wrong-way detection system
News | August 02,2018

The system turns on red lights in nearby entrance ramp meters for right-way traffic when a wrong-way vehicle is detected

transportation projects
News | August 02,2018

The bill provides TIGER grant funding and new money for roads, bridges, and transit

smart road extension
News | August 01,2018

The $215 million plan would more than double the length of the existing 2.2-mile two-lane highway

bus route suspensions
News | July 31,2018

The transit agency cited being 90 drivers short of its workforce as reason for trip suspensions

Uber self-driving trucks
News | July 31,2018

The company launched its self-driving trucks program after acquiring autonomous trucking startup Otto in August 2016

ridesharing services
News | July 30,2018

The proposals come after a recent study indicated ride-hailing services make traffic worse

I-70 Mountain Corridor CDOT V2X
News | July 27,2018

The department is partnering with Panasonic to bring V2X technology to the I-70 Mountain Corridor

Bosch road condition alert service
News | July 27,2018

The service will rely on weather forecast data and information uploaded by self-driving vehicles

autonomous vehicles
News | July 24,2018

The fleet has doubled its mileage in just eight months

Blowing Dust Area
News | July 24,2018

New technology will detect if high amounts of dust particles are in the air that could hamper visibility

parking guidance sensors
News | July 23,2018

The sensors and operations software is designed to help fatigued truck drivers find available parking to rest

smart corridor
News | July 20,2018

ITS installation and other improvements will be done over the next 12 years on the corridor

Public transit safety rules
News | July 19,2018

The two regulations complete the foundation of the FTA's national public transportation safety program

virtual traffic lights
News | July 17,2018

The traffic light alternative relies on V2V and DSRC technology to coordinate traffic flow

Traffic safety campaign
News | July 17,2018

The Operation Southern Shield campaign, dedicated to reducing traffic speeds, runs July 16-22

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