Feature | Brian W. Budzynski, Tim Bruns and Bill Wilson | July 05,2017

The next installment in our region report series turns to Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire

News | July 05,2017

The department announced in a letter Friday that it would withdraw from the Gateway Development Corporation overseeing the Hudson River Tunnel, Portal Bridge projects

News | July 03,2017

Program is presently in the design phase, study is being conducted

News | June 28,2017

The $1.2 billion expansion project will widen 10 miles of the interstate

News | June 27,2017

Gov. Abbott signed a bill that explicitly allows autonomous vehicles to operate on Texas roads without a driver inside

News | June 27,2017

The workshops will cover National ITS Architecture

News | June 27,2017

The Metro board approved a $1.4 billion budget for the 11.5-mile extension

News | June 26,2017

Hear the latest in the road and bridge industry

News | June 22,2017

The rule requires the use of engineering controls to prevent worker exposure to silica dust from concrete, stone and other materials

News | June 20,2017

The draft legislation also would bar federal regulators from requiring approval of self-driving technology before it is brought to the market

News | June 16,2017

Road construction work across the state will shut down by the end of the month if the General Assembly does not pass a budget for the next fiscal year

News | June 14,2017

Trump talks about his trillion-dollar infrastructure plan; SHRP2 deadline approaching

News | June 14,2017

A live test could be conducted the week of the 2018 Super Bowl

News | June 13,2017

FHWA data shows drivers in 2016 spent additional three minutes stuck in traffic compared to previous year

Feature | Brian Watson | June 12,2017

Improving work-zone safety through advanced technology

News | June 07,2017

The new law will take effect Sept. 1 of this year

News | June 07,2017

Thirty-five miles of cable will be installed underground along U.S. Rte. 33 to test smart vehicles

News | June 06,2017

After several years of studying ways to implement a system to prevent wrong-way incidents, the department could be revealing a prototype soon

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