Feature | Ernest Athanailos, P.E., and Mark Yedlin | January 29,2018

New York City’s revolutionary transit-signal priority system

Illinois Tollway
Feature | Suze Parker | January 29,2018

Web-based construction management software automates workflow and delivers “ball-in-court” transparency for the Illinois Tollway

St. Charles County transportation planning
Feature | Amanda Brauer and Scott Laxton | January 29,2018

St. Charles County, Mo., is keeping pace with transportation technology

Steven Latoski
Feature | Steven Latoski | January 29,2018

Toward continuous, 24/7 traffic operations improvement

Kevin Hoeflich
Feature | Kevin Hoeflich | January 29,2018

It’s time for tolling agencies to get into the driverless seat

The White House
News | January 26,2018

In a meeting with the nation's mayors, the president indicated he would announce a $1.7 trillion infrastructure package

News | January 25,2018

American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) report reveals worsened congestion and slower truck speeds across the top five truck bottlenecks in the nation.

U.S. National Transportation Safety Board to investigate Tesla Autopilot crash
News | January 25,2018

Two federal investigators will examine the Model S incident

Caltrans to widen striping on I-5 in advance of autonomous vehicles
News | January 24,2018

The California Department of Transportation plans to begin putting 6-in. stripes on I-5 from Orland to the Oregon border during the first half of this year

Google’s Waymo to begin testing autonomous cars in Atlanta
News | January 23,2018

Mapping of city roads began last week

automated vehicle infrastructure
News | January 22,2018

Changes will include narrower lanes and flyover ramps at intersections

$162 million up for grabs after Glendale, Az. light rail is mothballed
News | January 18,2018

The city’s transportation coffers will become potentially flooded, new projects are being proposed

Utah DOT and Dept. of Public Safety launch Join the Resistance campaign
News | January 18,2018

In partnership with the Utah Dept. of Public Safety, the Join the Resistance campaign will proceed in 2018

bullet train
News | January 17,2018

Though projected to cost $40 billion when approved in 2008, the cost for the 119-mile segment sits at $67 billion

road safety
News | January 16,2018

Researchers assessed that the U.S. has an overall poor record of improving traffic safety despite having the resources to do so

automated vehicle advancements
News | January 12,2018

U.S. transportation agencies are requesting public comment on regulatory barriers to transportation advancements

train safety
News | January 12,2018

The bill would give railroads until the end of the year to enact Positive Train Control

express lanes
News | January 11,2018

The extension is part of a plan to create over 90 miles of HOT lanes in Northern Virginia by 2022

road safety
News | January 09,2018

The 214 traffic fatalities in NYC for 2017 is the lowest on record since 1910

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