L.A. transit, buses
News | March 29,2018

The $482 million in STIP funding will go toward expanding L.A. Metro's bus fleet among other projects

Oregon traffic safety
News | March 28,2018

The work is based on the I-84 Corridor Management Plan road safety study

Uber AV Tempe
News | March 28,2018

The decision comes a week after a self-driving Uber struck and killed a pedestrian in Arizona

News | March 26,2018

Listen to the latest Infrastructure Insider podcast on how the industry is moving forward

I-4 Ultimate Orlando
News | March 26,2018

This marks the third fatality on the I-4 project where a worker has been struck

News | March 23,2018

The $1.15 million OCTA endeavor will increase access to transit services in areas with diminishing bus routes

FIU bridge collapse
News | March 23,2018

NTSB said workers were adjusting cables at the north end of the bridge at the time of the collapse, which they had previously done on the south end

Brian W. Budzynski
News | Brian W. Budzynski | March 23,2018
FIU bridge collapse investigation
News | March 21,2018

Secretary Chao has asked for an audit to determine if requirements to receive federal funding for the project were met

News | March 20,2018

All five streetcars are expected to be in service by November of this year

Uber autonomous vehicle
News | March 19,2018

This is believed to be the first known death of a pedestrian in an autonomous vehicle collision on public roads

Bridge collapse
News | March 19,2018

There is plenty of finger-pointing, and cause might not be known for weeks

Bridge collapse
News | March 16,2018

Construction crews were on-site when accident happened; six confirmed dead

public transportation funding
News | March 15,2018

Only 3.6% of TIGER grants this round went to public transit projects, compared to the 20% from previous years

traffic safety older drivers
News | March 14,2018

The number of seniors killed in crashes involving drivers 65 years old or older increased by 16% nationwide

Copenhagen bikeways
Exclusive Feature | Rock Miller | March 12,2018

A look at different approaches to separated bikeway implementation

News | March 12,2018

More than 64% of this round of funding was awarded to rural projects

News | March 09,2018

MDOT MTA is offering free rides to passengers to celebrate the early reopening of the Metro SubwayLink system

Ill. DOT gets TIGER grant to aid I-57 safety
News | March 08,2018

The corridor is notorious for traffic incidents; officials are optimistic the federal dollars will help change that

Calif. tests first fully autonomous shuttle on state roads
News | March 07,2018

California DMV grants permission for shared autonomous vehicle testing at Bishop Ranch

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