Active traffic management signage debuts on U.S. 95 in Las Vegas
News | March 06,2018

Signage goes live today on U.S. 95 near the Spaghetti Bowl

carpool lanes
News | March 05,2018

The carpool lanes would run north to south for 27 miles along the highway

solar-powered pavement markers
News | March 02,2018

The solar-powered pavement markers, installed last month, are the first in four planned series of smart lane markers

X2X communications
News | March 01,2018

The TravelSafely app is designed to improve traffic flow for first responders as well as to make drivers, cyclists and pedestrians more visible to each other

Driverless vehicles
News | February 27,2018

The new regulations would allow driverless vehicles to be tested without anyone behind the wheel

connected buses
News | February 26,2018

Twenty-four of the city's buses will be fitted with connected features to better avoid collisions

Rail line extension
News | February 26,2018

The extension will add 2.6 miles of subway service to downtown Beverly Hills and Century City

smart roads
News | February 23,2018

A major corridor in Minneapolis will be the initial location to deploy connected-vehicle techology

News | February 22,2018

Cities such as Seattle and Honolulu moved up in the ranks on Redfin's 2018 Transit Score

Automated vehicle ride-hailing service
News | February 20,2018

The company was recently approved to operate as a transportation network company in Arizona

News | February 19,2018

The agreement will launch a feasibility study with the goal of connecting Cleveland and Chicago

Missouri lawmakers consider axing vehicle safety inspections
News | February 16,2018

This ought to end well

bus communication systems
News | February 15,2018

UTA buses in Salt Lake City will be equipped with systems to communicate with traffic signals

Transit projects
News | February 14,2018

Several FTA grant programs would be cut under the proposed budget from President Trump's administration

autonomous transportation
News | February 13,2018

The pods organize riders by moving in swarms to improve public transportation 

White House
News | February 12,2018

The $1.5 trillion package focuses on public-private partnerships as well as state and local funding to rebuild U.S. infrastructure

road widening
News | February 09,2018

A diverging diamond interchange will be added among other improvements to the route

multimodal projects
News | February 09,2018

This is the first time transit, aviation, rail freight, and pedestrian and bicycle modes obtained dedicated funding in the state

U.S. Capitol
News | February 08,2018

The deal includes a $20 billion investment plan for infrastructure

Embark self-driving truck
News | February 07,2018

The autonomous truck completed a trek from Los Angeles to Jacksonville, Fla., in five days

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