smart city planning
News | June 12,2018

The city is planning to work with a private sector partner to build off its current smart city network

bike-share for transit
News | June 11,2018

Using math and computer modeling, University of Waterloo researchers studied ways to couple bike-share programs with public transit

UAV testing
News | June 11,2018

The three-year project will complement automated and connected vehicle tests along the 33 Smart Mobility Corridor

Labor's Legacy in downtown Detroit, honoring the city's 300th anniversary in 2001.
News | June 07,2018

Yesterday boasted a full schedule of sessions, tech demonstrations, and chatter on the expo floor.

The first full day of the 2018 ITS America Annual Meeting in Detroit has come and gone, and with it some interesting stuff and also some undue frustration.
News | June 06,2018

The first full day of the 2018 ITS America Annual Meeting in Detroit has come and gone, and with it some interesting stuff and also some undue frustration.

Dallas smart technology
Feature | Tim Bruns | June 05,2018

Dallas makes upgrades to traffic management system

Autonomous vehicle survey
News | June 05,2018

The HNTB survey indicates that most Americans do not believe AVs to be safer than vehicles operated by people

C-V2X technology
News | June 05,2018

The research focuses on connections between vehicles and other vehicles, infrastructure and pedestrians to advance smart cities and autonomous driving

Channelizing posts
Exclusive Feature | Roger Wentz | June 04,2018

How infrastructure can positively affect driver behavior

Vancouver transportation safety
Feature | Liliana Quintero | June 01,2018

Vancouver’s transportation safety action plan envisions zero

Road fatalities decline
Feature | Daniel Blower, Carol Flannagan, Srinivas Geedipally, Robert Wunderlich and Dominique Lord | June 01,2018

Factors that contributed to a decline in road fatalities during the Great Recession

transit rules
News | May 31,2018

The rule allows transit industry officials to identify barriers to private partnerships for transit projects

wrong-way crashes
News | May 30,2018

A new I-17 pilot project is testing a system that would alert police and other drivers to the presence of a wrong-way vehicle

Drone surveying work
News | May 29,2018

The department is hoping to implement UAV technology to improve safety on U.S. 75

Transit funding
News | May 25,2018

The $25 million in grant funds are provided through the agency's Pilot Program for Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Planning

FIU pedestrian bridge collapse investigation
News | May 25,2018

The agency is still in the process of investigating the cause of the collapse

Uber AV tests Arizona
News | May 24,2018

The decision comes a few months after one of the company's self-driving cars was involved in a fatal crash in Tempe

Smart pavement
News | May 22,2018

The road system uses fiber optic sensors inside the pavement to detect roadway conditions in real time

Transit funding
News | May 21,2018

Study authors examined public transit modernization needs nationwide

U.S. Capitol
News | May 21,2018

The bill includes $27.8 billion in discretionary appropriations for the U.S. DOT

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