News | Dominique Lord and Srinivas Reddy Geedipally | August 02,2012

TxDOT implements Hazard Elimination Program to identify, rank and select eligible projects to reduce negative impacts of vehicle crashes

News | July 31,2012

Study looked at 100 metropolitan areas across the country

News | July 31,2012

Federal funds will help 255 transportation improvement projects nationwide

News | July 27,2012

One set of lanes will open this fall, the other in 2013

News | July 24,2012

Measures would include additional cameras and fiber optics, new central traffic control center

News | July 24,2012

Amount of time needed to switch reversible lanes cut by more than half

News | July 23,2012

Two transportation agencies will split $30 million

News | July 16,2012

Gov. Lynch declares July Driving Toward Zero Month

News | July 13,2012

Enhanced website, new mobile apps part of revamped program

News | July 12,2012

Initial measures will include surveillance cameras, dynamic message signs

News | July 10,2012

New software consolidates city operations, improves regional coordination

News | July 10,2012

APTA president tells Congress HSR will help mitigate pressure of population growth on infrastructure

News | July 09,2012

Roughly $900 million still needed for construction to start on schedule

News | July 03,2012

New traffic cameras also installed; all parts to be tied to 511 system

News | July 03,2012

Focus sits on Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and their suburbs

News | July 03,2012

Hundreds of traffic signals out in D.C., Maryland and Virginia

News | July 02,2012

New bike lane incorporated along entire 18-mile route

News | June 26,2012

Restricted lane—a first for MTA—could improve commutes by 15 minutes

News | June 25,2012

Construction on $60 million project to begin in 2015

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