News | February 08,2012

Transit advocates want to connect downtown with suburbs using BRT

News | February 07,2012

A tax that took effect in 2005 could fund the project, despite what voters were allegedly promised

News | February 03,2012

The fare hikes Metra has been threatening for months finally went into effect, raising ticket prices anywhere from 21% to 35%

News | February 02,2012

Previously unreleased federal audit cites “safety concerns”

News | February 01,2012

The city deploys new technology to help manage traffic, winter roads

News | January 30,2012

If the Port Authority of Allegheny County doesn’t get the same money it has been relying on since 2000, airport public transportation could be in trouble

News | January 26,2012

Reading, Pa., establishes a multimillion-dollar system to improve traffic-monitoring, communication

News | January 19,2012

New trains, new rails cars, e-tickets all on the table for the coming year

News | January 17,2012

Multimillion-dollar federal grant will be used to run 110-mph trains between Chicago, St. Louis

News | January 13,2012

Officials say adding transit to the Tappan Zee bridge replacement now would delay the opening

News | January 12,2012

Officials are pushing support for an extension of the measure that makes the L.A. County sales tax one of the highest in the state

News | January 11,2012

When the rail contract expires, it will go up for bid among private contractors; will not be commandeered by the MBTA

News | January 05,2012

Boston’s transit has two options for its future: raise fares, and raise fares by a lot

News | January 04,2012

Oakland started construction on an elevated-track transit system that will bring travelers from a train station to the airport

News | December 30,2011

50% increase will help fund infrastructure upgrades

News | December 30,2011

Lubbock, Texas plans multimillion-dollar project to overhaul software, roads

News | December 29,2011

Using money originally allotted for a commuter rail service, the city instead will run buses on the shoulders of an interstate 

News | December 27,2011

Combination of traffic sensors, cameras help reduce congestion along busy corridors

News | December 20,2011

CDOT launched a program in which police cruisers set the pace for highway traffic to reduce congestion during ski weekends

News | December 19,2011

The city’s traffic management plan aims to keep the downtown area as congestion-free as possible

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