News | May 17,2018

One "pop-up" design is made up of traffic cones and signs to simulate a permanent roundabout

smart operating system
News | May 17,2018

The system will aggregate data from sources across the city so that it can be available to the public

Honolulu rail project
News | May 16,2018

The city's transit agency is considering a P3 effort to complete the final City Center segment

Transit projects
News | May 15,2018

The transit projects would be funded through proceeds from an approved sales tax by Atlanta voters

pedestrian safety
News | May 14,2018

Road diets and lower speed limits are among proposed solutions to lower pedestrian safety risks

Autonomous vehicles
News | May 14,2018

The executive order provides guidelines for researchers to follow in the testing process for autonomous vehicles

infrastructure improvements
News | May 09,2018

The governor is proposing an additional $125 billion on infrastructure improvements over the next five years

smart traffic signals
News | May 09,2018

That technology will allow the county’s traffic control center to interact with traffic signals and cameras along local roads

Self-driving car service
News | May 08,2018

A California-based tech company is partnering with local authorities in the region to bring the self-driving vehicle service to area residents

autonomous transit
News | May 07,2018

The automated vehicle service would fill a transportation gap between downtown Providence and Olneyville in Rhode Island

News | May 03,2018

Event Recognized as a Top 25 Fastest Growing Trade Show by Trade Show Network News

Self-driving vehicles
News | May 03,2018

Defense Department officials are pushing to roll out self-driving vehicles for the Army before they come to U.S. roadways

Shailen Bhatt
Feature | Shailen Bhatt | May 02,2018

Towards a better future driven by transportation technology

Buena Vista Drive
Feature | Lisa Schoolcraft | May 02,2018

Innovation, cooperation key to a successful project on Florida’s Buena Vista Drive

GO transit trains at York Station
Feature | Bryan Mulqueen | May 02,2018

Addressing congestion in the connection between cities and suburbs

Protected Chicago intersection
Feature | Jason DeGray, P.E., PTOE | May 02,2018

Safety and sustainability in street design via separated bike lanes

UTA connected bus service
Feature | Blaine Leonard, P.E. | May 02,2018

Utah breaks new ground with connected vehicles

Traffic tech patents
Feature | Brian Mack and Anna Quinn | May 02,2018

Protecting innovations in the traffic and transit industry

Miovision Orange County
Feature | Kurtis McBride | May 02,2018

Orange County, Fla., improving travel times and public safety with connected intersections

Steve Novosad
Feature | Stephen Novosad and Bob Frey | May 02,2018

Vehicle-to-infrastructure is not coming soon; it’s already here

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