Road traffic monitoring data
News | September 18,2018

International Road Dynamics will supply traffic monitoring data for the agency

SmartTransit is the go-to event for senior transit industry figures from across North America.
News | September 17,2018

The event will take place October 23-25

Positive Train Control funding
News | September 14,2018

The announcement comes amid NTSB calls for expedited implementation of PTC

Northwest Corridor Express Lanes Georgia
News | September 13,2018

New reversible express lanes along I-75 and I-575 opened to traffic over the weekend

innovative highway projects
News | September 11,2018

The agency is awarding $8.4 million in AID funding to 10 different projects

Hurricane impacts to traffic, roadways
News | September 11,2018

Traffic lane reversals and transit cancellations are among the steps some states are taking

NYC subway station
News | September 10,2018

Trains began running to the rebuilt Cortlandt Street station over the weekend

bicycle projects
News | September 07,2018

Twenty-nine agencies across the state will receive almost $16 million for TAP projects

autonomous vehicle systems
News | September 06,2018

Tesla said in a statement that Autopilot mode does not make their vehicles impervious to all accidents

Variable speed limit warning sign
Feature | John MacAdam and Marissa McDaid | September 05,2018

Ohio DOT combats winter weather using variable speed limits

traffic safety reflectors
News | September 05,2018

The department will place 1,300 reflectors along M-22 to keep drivers from veering off the road

Figure 1
Feature | Siyang Zhang, Zhu Qing, Henry Brown, P.E., Carlos Sun, Ph.D., P.E., J.D. and Praveen Edara, Ph.D., P.E., P.T.O.E. | September 04,2018

Green light on TMAs could be another option for DOTs

smart road technology
News | September 04,2018

The newly implemented tech is part of the agency’s RoadX program

public transit usage
News | August 31,2018

The analysis found that commuter- or intercity-rail travel is 18 times safer for passengers than auto travel

L.A. Metro Willowbrook
News | August 29,2018

Construction has begun on expanded platform, new bike hub, community plaza and customer service center

News | August 28,2018

The automaker is investing $500 million in the ride-sharing company's autonomous vehicle tech efforts

autonomous public transit
News | August 23,2018

Beginning Oct. 19, the city and will roll out three self-driving vans that will travel on roads alongside other vehicles

roadway traffic fatalities
News | August 23,2018

Consistent with last year's numbers, around 18,720 people died on U.S. roadways between January and June of this year

rail improvements
News | August 22,2018

The $29.4 million grant is the last piece of funding needed for the project

cable highway barrier
News | August 21,2018

The Oklahoma DOT said cable barriers reduce the severity of collisions

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