News | December 14,2017

A letter from a California U.S. attorney's office released this week confirmed the investigation

wrong-way traffic sign
News | December 14,2017

The program is launching after a series of wrong-way incidents occurred around the Triangle Expressway

Harry W. Nice Memorial Bridge
News | December 13,2017

Work to replace the Nice Bridge and a potential study on U.S. 301 could both help manage traffic along the corridor

autonomous buses
News | December 13,2017

The buses will go through a series of winter weather road condition tests

autonomous vehicles and alternative transportation
News | December 12,2017

The legislation that would establish the authority will be considered by state lawmakers in 2018

News | December 11,2017

The Times Square and Port Authority subway stations were evacuated after the explosion

The wrong-way detection signs will go in at the I-15-Starr Avenue interchange, which is now under construction
News | December 08,2017

The wrong-way detection signs will go in at the I-15-Starr Avenue interchange, which is now under construction

LIRR Bridge overpass
News | December 07,2017

The state is spending $4.3 million to detect vehicles that exceed bridge clearances

light-rail extension
News | December 04,2017

The 12.3-mile extension of the Metro Gold Line will have six stations

FAA drone innovation zones see flood of applications to participate
News | December 01,2017

The Trump administration has looked to excise some “overly burdensome” drone regulations

Florida DOT sets plan to boost pedestrian safety on U.S. 301
News | December 01,2017

The stretch of U.S. 301 between Fruitville Road and 10th Street in Sarasota is rife with accidents

L.A. mayor to announce final projects for “28 by 28” transit initiative
News | November 30,2017

The City of Angels has less than 11 years before it hosts the 2028 Summer Olympic Games

Boston AV
News | November 29,2017

A new partnership is offering residents of a new urban development access to the AV service

connected vehicle
News | November 28,2017

The connected-vehicle technology demonstration is part of WyDOT's work with the U.S. DOT pilot deployment program

ODOT smart lane
News | November 28,2017

ODOT is constructing an extra travel lane that will be open during peak travel hours on the interstate

Ohio looking to boost road safety with possible speed limit change
News | November 27,2017

Statewide target of high-crash roads with 70 mph limit is in DOT crosshairs

Utah Transit Authority will launch new BRT service in 2018
News | November 27,2017

New service will be part of the Provo-Orem Transportation Improvement Project

Sacramento transit system hit by hackers
News | November 22,2017

The culprits, as yet unidentified, are demanding $8K ransom, or one bitcoin

VDOT wildlife fence
News | November 21,2017

The number of crashes has dropped to zero since VDOT installed the fence along I-64

Uber AV
News | November 21,2017

The ride-sharing company will potentially purchase somewhere in the range of 24,000 vehicles for AV development

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