News | November 23,2011

Bus rapid transit is coming to Beale Street––and the rest of the city

News | November 22,2011

The CTA plans to shift to an open fare payment system by 2014

News | November 21,2011

A new navigation app compiles data from a network of drivers and spits out a real-time traffic report

News | November 18,2011

Project delays put San Francisco’s transportation projects in the red

News | November 17,2011

The Transportation Secretary and officials came to an agreement on how to fund the second phase of a rail project that will extend the WMATA and provide service to and from Dulles Airport

News | November 16,2011

Gov. Jerry Brown will ask the legislature to approve billions to start construction on the high-speed rail next year

News | November 15,2011

Voters said yes to photo enforcement after mayor threatens layoffs

News | November 14,2011

Soaring ridership fuels the argument to increase high-speed rail in the U.S.

Feature | November 11,2011

The D.C. Metro’s flawed radio system is a safety issue for police officers, passengers

Feature | November 08,2011

Express buses will be allowed to ride on the shoulders of the Stevenson Expressway to slash congestion and improve service

Feature | November 07,2011

The MBTA gears up for winter to prevent last year’s equipment issues, track problems and unhappy riders

News | November 04,2011

Construction on another road led to unplanned congestion, prompting officials to push back bus rapid transit plans

News | November 02,2011

CDOT is building emergency escape routes on Lake Shore Drive to prevent motorists from getting stuck during extreme weather

News | November 01,2011

Turnpike, Garden State Parkway will get new, high-tech signs to replace the aging status quo

News | October 28,2011

Not including I-69 in a new transportation plan would jeopardize transit, road funding

News | October 26,2011

A closure of a major Seattle highway creates some commuting snarls, but no real catastrophes in the first few days

News | October 25,2011

By using police vehicles as “pace cars,” CDOT hopes to improve traffic flow during ski season

News | October 21,2011

LaHood announced nationwide transit grants, including some for modern hybrid biodiesel-electric buses for Detroit and light rail for southeast Michigan

News | October 20,2011

System tracks motorists’ speeds and post alerts to slow down on electronic signs

News | October 20,2011

Chandler uses a combination of Bluetooth detectors and ADOT freeway sensors to determine travel times that are posted on message boards

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