Public Transportation

Federal Transit Administration Access & Mobility Grants
News | May 22,2019

The agency's Access and Mobility Partnership Grants focus on transportation and technology solutions to expand access to health care

Gov. JB Pritzker Illinois
News | May 22,2019

The preliminary draft of the plan would include $12 billion in new funding for highway projects

Greater Dayton RTA
News | May 13,2019

Ford’s GoRide Health will add a new channel of transportation for RTA paratransit customers

state funding for public transportation
News | May 13,2019

The survey shows that state DOTs spent $19.04 billion in overall transit funding

Public transportation and mobility improvements
News | May 10,2019

The Integrated Mobility Innovation program brings together different areas of high interest to the transit industry and traveling public

Equitable, just, inclusive transportation
Feature | Veronica O. Davis, P.E. | May 08,2019

This feature published as "Changing the transportation paradigm" in Spring 2019 issue of Traffic & Transit

autonomous tech program for buses
News | May 07,2019

This program includes development and deployment of ADAS and AV technology

Amtrak rail service
News | May 07,2019

The rail service operator is celebrating 48 years of operations

future of public transportation
News | April 29,2019

The "5 Big Moves" plan includes strategic initiatives to use and build on evolving technology and add to existing infrastructure

OneNYC Better Buses Action Plan
News | April 29,2019

The new package lays out how NYCDOT will implement the Bus Action Plan with the goal of increasing bus speeds 25% by 2020

public transit; public transportation ridership
News | April 17,2019

Americans took 9.9 billion trips on public transportation last year, according to the report

public transportation safety
News | April 02,2019

The initiative includes $4 million in funding opportunities to prevent trafficking and other crimes on public transportation

positive train control; rail safety
News | March 26,2019

WSDOT announced the technology has been implemented along the Point Defiance Bypass, where an Amtrak train derailed in December 2017

APTA public transportation investments
News | March 21,2019

New research shows at least $232 billion needed for public transportation projects

rail transit accident Chicago
News | March 14,2019

Three people on the train, including the conductor, were hospitalized for minor injuries

underpass at La Jolla Colony Drive in San Diego
News | March 12,2019

Major construction will continue on the underpass beneath La Jolla Colony Drive through late 2019

transit; public transportation; New York; tolling
News | March 05,2019

The proposal includes the joint endorsement of congestion pricing and a plan to reorganize the MTA

Transportation grant funding
News | December 12,2018

Of the $1.5 billion in grants announced, 13% are for public transportation-related projects

bicycle and transit lane
News | November 01,2018

The pilot is part of a series of detours during construction to replace the Chicago Avenue Bridge

public transportation
News | October 11,2018

HNTB survey indicates support for government funding of public transportation transcends every age group and geographic region in the nation

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