human operator in AV
News | August 16,2018

Human operators will still exert significant control and will be able to change their vehicle’s AV level dynamically in foreseeable future

UAV program
News | August 14,2018

The inaugural flight of the program will be the state’s first to go beyond the visual line of sight

bus rapid transit
News | August 13,2018

Twenty-five new UTA buses will be hitting the roads around the cities of Provo and Orem

First U.S. made autonomous electric vehicle on the road near Quebec, Canada
News | August 10,2018

The shuttle will operate a 2-km route with access to the city hall and other destinations

self-driving car tests
News | August 08,2018

In some situations, the self-driving cars would crash in response to an obstacle if the driver did not take over.

autonomous vehicles
News | August 08,2018

Some displacement of passenger car-based driving jobs could occur, mainly among taxicab drivers, according to researchers

Brian Budzynski
Feature | Brian Budzynski | August 07,2018

A recent drive through a pair of Badger State work zones left me surprisingly calm

Smart Belt Coalition
Feature | Brian Newbacher, Rosanne Placey and Jeff Cranson | August 07,2018

Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania advance the Smart Belt Coalition to collaborate on self-driving and connected vehicle initiatives

WSDOT traffic management centers
Feature | Roger Millar, P.E., AICP | August 07,2018

Resilient, safe, smart and sustainable infrastructure is necessary and within reach; Washington State is taking the initiative for the future of mobility

rail crossings
Feature | John Shaw, MUP, P.E., Zachary Hans, M.S., P.E., Reginald Souleyrette, Ph.D., P.E., and Peter Savolainen, Ph.D., P.E. | August 07,2018

Improving railroad grade crossing safety

Feature | Shihong Huang, Shengyin Shen, Jianfeng Zhen and Henry Liu | August 07,2018

Optimizing arterial traffic signals to boost safety and reduce traveler speed

Charlotte Blue Line extension
Feature | Julius Karash | August 07,2018

LYNX Blue Line light rail extension boosts ridership, development in Charlotte, N.C.

aerial after completion
Feature | Brent Lacy, AICP, and Gregg Strakaluse, P.E. | August 07,2018

Forward planning for a sustainable and vibrant community in Naples, Fla.

rural driving intersection safety
Exclusive Feature | Nicole Oneyear, Shauna Hallmark and Raju Thapa | August 06,2018

Using naturalistic driving study data to understand rural intersection safety

transit funding
News | August 03,2018

The $16.1 billion bill also will dedicate funding for intercity passenger-rail grants

Carmel 115 roundabouts
Feature | Jeremy Kashman | August 02,2018

Carmel, Ind., makes a beeline toward city development and improvement via roundabouts—lots of them

Piedmont Road to Tower Place
Feature | Andrew Kohr | August 02,2018

Walkability study in Atlanta aims to generate opportunity for change

Green complete streets
Feature | Siba El-Samra | August 02,2018

Designing and implementing green complete streets

wrong-way detection system
News | August 02,2018

The system turns on red lights in nearby entrance ramp meters for right-way traffic when a wrong-way vehicle is detected

transportation projects
News | August 02,2018

The bill provides TIGER grant funding and new money for roads, bridges, and transit

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