News | March 21,2019

The plans for a DOT align with Mayor Bottoms' One Atlanta agenda

APTA public transportation investments
News | March 21,2019

New research shows at least $232 billion needed for public transportation projects

White House FY 2020 budget
News | March 20,2019

Payments on work completed could be subject to significant delays

autonomous vehicles
News | March 20,2019

The president's views appear to contrast with Secretary Chao's on the implemenation of autonomous vehicle tech

road traffic safety; dust storms; messaging
News | March 18,2019

The system will combine several existing technologies with new approaches

Figure 1. Virtual reality based driving simulator
Exclusive Feature | B. Brian Park, Katherine Asmussen, Gabriella Griener and Inki Kim | March 18,2019

Researchers address complications arising from human action amidst simulated semi- and non-automated vehicle interaction

Hudson River Tunnel project Amtrak
News | March 18,2019

The medium-low rating would keep the project from receiving needed Capital Investment Grant funding

underride guards for trucks
News | March 15,2019

Stop Underrides Act would require all trucks to use technology that helps prevent deadly crashes

rail transit accident Chicago
News | March 14,2019

Three people on the train, including the conductor, were hospitalized for minor injuries

5G autonomous vehicle testing Seoul
News | March 13,2019

LG Uplus and Hanyang University tested their autonomous car on the streets of Seoul

underpass at La Jolla Colony Drive in San Diego
News | March 12,2019

Major construction will continue on the underpass beneath La Jolla Colony Drive through late 2019

transportation funding; road and bridge construction
News | March 08,2019

Thirty-seven states have introduced 185 bills to invest in transportation so far this year

Aurrigo driverless pod for visually impaired
News | March 07,2019

The company plans on having blind veterans be the first to test the autonomous tech

transit; public transportation; New York; tolling
News | March 05,2019

The proposal includes the joint endorsement of congestion pricing and a plan to reorganize the MTA

rail transit funding Amtrak Southwest Chief
News | February 28,2019

The rail operator is putting up $3 million in matching funds for improvements on the route

SH 99 Grand Parkway in Houston tolling project
News | February 26,2019

The $605 million loan will develop the next sections of the proposed 184-mile tollway

high-speed rail Texas
News | February 25,2019

Texas Central Partners may soon begin work on the bullet train to connect Houston to Dallas

Chicago-area Metra rail service suffers decreased ridership
News | February 21,2019

Fare hikes and stable gas prices are being pointed to as the culprit

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