Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

I-90 SmartRoad
News | September 05,2017

The agency partnered with Pace Bus Service to implement SmartRoad technology and a flex lane for transit on the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway

News | July 11,2017

The research performed by the American Action Forum sees higher procurement costs

News | December 28,2016

The $75 million grant will go toward the construction of the Van Ness Bus Rapid Transit project

News | December 21,2016

The $75 million grant will go towards the construction of the 10.5-mile line connecting Orem and Provo

News | September 09,2016

The funding from the agency's Bus and Bus Facilities Grant Program will help improve bus service nationwide

News | August 09,2016

More than $600 million could go toward regional transit system expansion and improvement

News | July 25,2016

The Cleveland Avenue bus rapid-transit line, dubbed Cmax, is expected to be open for service in January 2018

News | July 13,2016

The BRT plan is estimated to cost significantly less than an alternative light-rail plan

News | June 03,2016

The new BRT Line will help relieve passenger crowding and spur economic development along Cleveland Avenue, one of the city’s busiest travel corridors

News | May 05,2016

Officials have touted bus rapid transit as an alternative to commuter rail expansion

News | March 29,2016

New web interface gives commuters real-time reliability information

News | March 10,2016

A transit hub is being developed near Lewes, Del., to provide more bus service along Delaware Beaches. 

News | March 03,2016

County execs are primed to approach the city council for approval

Feature | Beth Osborne and Rayla Bellis | February 19,2016

DOTs work to adapt a more innovative approach to transporation needs

News | December 16,2015

The Windy City’s first BRT corridor will open Dec. 20 after nearly a year’s construction

News | October 27,2015

U.S. DOT awards state counterpart funding for new bus stations, ramps and technology

News | September 16,2015

Stations will be erected between downtown St. Paul and Woodbury

News | September 14,2015

The new service, dubbed “The Vine,” is expected to positively impact thousands of riders and residents

News | March 03,2015

Move will double the present 3 mph average speed within a defined area of the Windy City’s downtown

News | January 23,2015

Six-county project would employ transit signal priority technology, shoulder lanes to move Chicagoans faster

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