High-Speed Rail

Railroad safety
News | July 31,2017

Developing technology includes cracked wheel detection, positive train control and sensor-dropping drones to prevent rail accidents

News | July 11,2017

The research performed by the American Action Forum sees higher procurement costs

Feature | Joshua Bendyk, P.E. | May 31,2017

Modeling tools help integrate new services into existing systems

News | March 21,2017

The commission allocated $217 million for transportation projects across the state

News | January 18,2017

The region is being looked at for a more aggressive application of high-speed transit

News | July 15,2016

Even after funding, lawmakers project first completed project still about a decade away

News | June 29,2016

The “Metropolitan Lounge” will ease the woes of premium customers only

News | June 16,2016

The multi-billion dollar bullet train will connect Houston to Dallas

News | June 10,2016

About 20 crossing safety upgrades between East St. Louis and Carlinville are planned

News | May 24,2016

The $9.9 million platform will parallel the tracks for more than 800 ft near Norfolk Avenue, with 600 ft of the waiting area covered by a canopy

News | May 19,2016

The new proposal comes after the cost for the rail projected to be $8 billion

News | March 14,2016

An Amtrak train traveling from Los Angeles to Chicago derailed in southwest Kansas, injuring 29

News | February 29,2016

SEPTA moves forward with plan to add a high-speed rail service to King of Prussia

Feature | Beth Osborne and Rayla Bellis | February 19,2016

DOTs work to adapt a more innovative approach to transporation needs

News | February 18,2016

The U.S. DOT plans to give two major Los Angeles rail projects $300 million

News | February 12,2016

Amtrak CEO Joseph Boardman is calling for various cost-cutting measures after a disappointing 2015 fiscal year

News | January 05,2015

Beset with delays and controversy, first segment will focus on Central Valley

News | October 30,2014

Trips would be shortened by 2.5 hours, number of daily trips would jump to double digits

Feature | Randy Wade | October 08,2014

As industry watches, officials focus in on key high-speed rail projects

News | January 28,2014

State efforts focused on Dallas-Fort Worth area, possible Oklahoma City-South Texas connector

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