Uber loses appeal bid in U.K. to overturn workers’ rights decision
News | November 10,2017

The rideshare company is still fighting to keep its license to operate in London

News | November 09,2017

Seven out of eight transit initiatives have passed so far just from the Nov. 7 election

MnDOT roundabout
News | November 08,2017

The study indicates the intersection types are reducing injuries and saving lives

Autonomous vehicle systems
News | November 07,2017

Toyota Research Institute in partnership with GoMentum Station will focus testing on hazardous driving scenarios in Concord, Calif.

carpooling app
News | November 06,2017

The Contra Costa Transportation Authority, 511 Contra Costa and Scoop expanded their partnership to ease traffic congestion with carpool incentives

gas tax
News | November 02,2017

California drivers will be paying an extra 12 cents per gallon for gas at the pump

automated vehicles
News | October 31,2017

The agency is seeking input on how regulations can be refined for self-driving vehicles

traffic monitoring
News | October 30,2017

The newly approved system will gather unique data in real time

Uber, Lyft and Ford’s Chariot are all in contention to spearhead the MicroTransit project
News | October 27,2017

Uber, Lyft and Ford’s Chariot are all in contention to spearhead the service project

Federal UAV pilot program to expand drone use
News | October 26,2017

Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao made the announcement yesterday

Rail cars
News | October 25,2017

The first eight of 136 new Metrorail cars are being tested at a facility in Medley, Fla.

News | October 23,2017

The guidance was issued Oct. 19 in a memorandum to OSHA regional administrators

Alabama DSRC
News | October 23,2017

A new research project involves installing DSRC radios into traffic signals for V2I connectivity

work-zone safety
News | October 18,2017

University of Minnesota researchers are working on innovative ways to lessen the risks and lower the rate of work-zone crashes

Traffic management
News | October 17,2017

The city council is expected to decide on the $83.5 million proposal that consists of various projects some time next year

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