U.S. National Transportation Safety Board to investigate Tesla Autopilot crash
News | January 25,2018

Two federal investigators will examine the Model S incident

Caltrans to widen striping on I-5 in advance of autonomous vehicles
News | January 24,2018

The California Department of Transportation plans to begin putting 6-in. stripes on I-5 from Orland to the Oregon border during the first half of this year

Google’s Waymo to begin testing autonomous cars in Atlanta
News | January 23,2018

Mapping of city roads began last week

automated vehicle infrastructure
News | January 22,2018

Changes will include narrower lanes and flyover ramps at intersections

$162 million up for grabs after Glendale, Az. light rail is mothballed
News | January 18,2018

The city’s transportation coffers will become potentially flooded, new projects are being proposed

Utah DOT and Dept. of Public Safety launch Join the Resistance campaign
News | January 18,2018

In partnership with the Utah Dept. of Public Safety, the Join the Resistance campaign will proceed in 2018

bullet train
News | January 17,2018

Though projected to cost $40 billion when approved in 2008, the cost for the 119-mile segment sits at $67 billion

road safety
News | January 16,2018

Researchers assessed that the U.S. has an overall poor record of improving traffic safety despite having the resources to do so

automated vehicle advancements
News | January 12,2018

U.S. transportation agencies are requesting public comment on regulatory barriers to transportation advancements

train safety
News | January 12,2018

The bill would give railroads until the end of the year to enact Positive Train Control

express lanes
News | January 11,2018

The extension is part of a plan to create over 90 miles of HOT lanes in Northern Virginia by 2022

road safety
News | January 09,2018

The 214 traffic fatalities in NYC for 2017 is the lowest on record since 1910

News | January 09,2018

The department is launching two pilot projects to integrate traditional crash data with crowd-sourced traffic data

News | January 05,2018

Secretary Chao recently expressed concern about lack of PTC implementation to rail executives across the U.S.

I-25 Colorado
News | January 05,2018

The $248 million contract will include adding toll lanes, replacing and widening bridges, and expanding pedestrian and bicycle access

News | January 04,2018

The plan to implement open tolling comes after the state Legislature directed the department to add tolling on I-5 and I-205

work-zone lighting
Feature | Rajaram Bhagavathula, Ph.D. | January 03,2018

Addressing visibility issues in work-zone safety

Kernel Density Map
Feature | Anne Vernez Moudon and Mingyu Kang | January 03,2018

Combining research can lead to lessons learned

Public transit
News | January 03,2018

The implementation of the driver assistance system on buses is part of a $450,000 pilot program with the Virginia DRPT

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