News | August 30,2012

State Assembly approves measure making technology possible

News | August 29,2012

HOV lane usage continues to rise across the state

News | August 24,2012

Combination of additions and cuts aimed at reducing congestion during peak hours

News | August 22,2012

Nearly 3,000 Mich. vehicles will send signals that warn of safety hazards, could help reduce crashes during year-long project

News | August 17,2012

Newer models will display information faster, be easier to read

News | August 17,2012

Metro officials can begin search for federal money for 9-mile addition

News | August 16,2012

New facility will join rail, bus, and pedestrian transit under one roof

News | August 16,2012

Possible route would connect Columbus to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

News | August 07,2012

Riders could see travel times reduced by 15 percent

News | August 07,2012

Three-month project will span three central Pennsylvania counties

News | August 02,2012

Joint venture I-95 Express Lanes LLC will build, operate 29 miles of new toll lanes

News | Dominique Lord and Srinivas Reddy Geedipally | August 02,2012

TxDOT implements Hazard Elimination Program to identify, rank and select eligible projects to reduce negative impacts of vehicle crashes

News | July 31,2012

Study looked at 100 metropolitan areas across the country

News | July 31,2012

Federal funds will help 255 transportation improvement projects nationwide

News | July 27,2012

One set of lanes will open this fall, the other in 2013

News | July 24,2012

Measures would include additional cameras and fiber optics, new central traffic control center

News | July 24,2012

Amount of time needed to switch reversible lanes cut by more than half

News | July 23,2012

Two transportation agencies will split $30 million

News | July 16,2012

Gov. Lynch declares July Driving Toward Zero Month

News | July 13,2012

Enhanced website, new mobile apps part of revamped program

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