Intelligent Transportation Systems ITS

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are fast becoming a top priority for departments of transportation. The implementation of new technology on roadways and the adaptation of existing infrastructure to V2V and V2I development is a crucial topic for all members of the transportation community. This is the TM&E portal to this segment.

Maine DOT real-time traffic signage
News | April 18,2019

The signs will share traffic information based on data collected anonymously from mobile devices along the two interstates

autonomous driving
News | April 17,2019

The new legislation would establish regulations on operation, insurance and liability for driverless cars

automated vehicles; light-duty autonomous delivery trucks
News | April 15,2019

Under the proposed regulations, companies can test autonomous delivery vehicles weighing less than 10,001 lb

autonomous vehicles; safety and testing of AV systems
News | April 05,2019

The three automakers are working together to establish safety guiding principles to help inform standards of development for autonomous vehicles

advanced transportation, congestion management technologies
News | April 02,2019

The $53.2 million in grant funding will go toward 10 projects working to improve mobility and safety for drivers

Nicole Nason
News | April 01,2019

Nason plans to focus on rural road safety in her new role as FHWA administrator

autonomous vehicle simulator
News | March 28,2019

The new photo-realistic system provides a more authentic simulation than current systems

positive train control; rail safety
News | March 26,2019

WSDOT announced the technology has been implemented along the Point Defiance Bypass, where an Amtrak train derailed in December 2017

autonomous vehicles
News | March 20,2019

The president's views appear to contrast with Secretary Chao's on the implemenation of autonomous vehicle tech

Figure 1. Virtual reality based driving simulator
Exclusive Feature | B. Brian Park, Katherine Asmussen, Gabriella Griener and Inki Kim | March 18,2019

Researchers address complications arising from human action amidst simulated semi- and non-automated vehicle interaction

5G autonomous vehicle testing Seoul
News | March 13,2019

LG Uplus and Hanyang University tested their autonomous car on the streets of Seoul

Aurrigo driverless pod for visually impaired
News | March 07,2019

The company plans on having blind veterans be the first to test the autonomous tech

Rhode Island DOT begins testing autonomous vehicle technology
News | February 21,2019

"Little Roady Shuttle" will be tested on low-volume roads within a business park before expanding to Providence

intelligent transportation systems
News | February 14,2019

This project is the first step in converting the roadway into a Smart Mobility corridor

White House is expected to address 5G for transportation
News | February 07,2019

AI also will be under discussion

autonomous vehicle task force NJDOT
News | February 04,2019

The task force would be responsible for recommending laws, rules and regulations regarding AVs

Brian W. Budzynski
Feature | Brian W. Budzynski | February 01,2019

Citizens going medieval on autonomous test vehicles, and Waymo turns the other cheek

connected vehicles SmartDrive demo
Feature | Faisal Saleem and Larry Head | February 01,2019

Connected vehicle research develops vehicle prioritization applications

truck platooning
Feature | Mark Jensen | February 01,2019

Advances in V2V automation are making their way to the trucking industry

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