Light Rail Transit (LRT)

public transit; public transportation ridership
News | April 17,2019

Americans took 9.9 billion trips on public transportation last year, according to the report

bus rapid transit; Las Vegas transit
News | April 15,2019

The new BRT line will have dedicated bus lanes extending from McCarran International Airport to downtown Las Vegas

positive train control; rail safety
News | March 26,2019

WSDOT announced the technology has been implemented along the Point Defiance Bypass, where an Amtrak train derailed in December 2017

Hudson River Tunnel project Amtrak
News | March 18,2019

The medium-low rating would keep the project from receiving needed Capital Investment Grant funding

rail transit accident Chicago
News | March 14,2019

Three people on the train, including the conductor, were hospitalized for minor injuries

transit; public transportation; New York; tolling
News | March 05,2019

The proposal includes the joint endorsement of congestion pricing and a plan to reorganize the MTA

rail transit funding Amtrak Southwest Chief
News | February 28,2019

The rail operator is putting up $3 million in matching funds for improvements on the route

Chicago-area Metra rail service suffers decreased ridership
News | February 21,2019

Fare hikes and stable gas prices are being pointed to as the culprit

positive train control railroad
News | February 19,2019

Four railroads have fully implemented PTC systems, while the rest qualify for a 2020 extension

San Francisco’s Transbay Tube will receive a seismic retrofit
News | February 14,2019

The 3.6-mile transit tunnel, which runs under the Bay, will be worked on for the next three years

transit positive train control rail safety
News | January 29,2019

The agency completed installation and commissioning last year ahead of the federal government’s deadline

MTA rail line
News | January 25,2019

New stations will connect east Bronx Transit Desert and Metro-North to Penn Station

rail transit
News | January 17,2019

The transit agency will give away passes for free train trips to 1,500 riders when it hits the anticipated milestone

Connecticut DOT making progress on Walk Bridge replacement
News | December 24,2018

The 122-year-old structure has long been the source of debate in planning, is now in design phase

Dallas commuter rail line
News | December 18,2018

The $783 million design-build contract went to Archer Western Herzog joint venture for the 26-mile line

News | December 13,2018

The $2.1 billion project will be the largest capital project in the CTA’s history

light-rail line
News | November 20,2018

Along with the $1.2 billion grant, the FTA also approved more than $650 million in federal loans for Sound Transit to complete the Lynnwood line

Connecticut DOT opens rail discount program to boost ridership
News | November 14,2018

The program has the support and participation of more than 50 local businesses

public transportation
News | October 11,2018

HNTB survey indicates support for government funding of public transportation transcends every age group and geographic region in the nation

Railroad upgrades
News | October 01,2018

The award funds components of the Chicago Region Environmental and Transportation Efficiency (CREATE) project

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