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News | August 20,2018

The U.S.-Mexico border crossing facility officially opened on August 15

aerial after completion
Feature | Brent Lacy, AICP, and Gregg Strakaluse, P.E. | August 07,2018

Forward planning for a sustainable and vibrant community in Naples, Fla.

Carmel 115 roundabouts
Feature | Jeremy Kashman | August 02,2018

Carmel, Ind., makes a beeline toward city development and improvement via roundabouts—lots of them

Piedmont Road to Tower Place
Feature | Andrew Kohr | August 02,2018

Walkability study in Atlanta aims to generate opportunity for change

Green complete streets
Feature | Siba El-Samra | August 02,2018

Designing and implementing green complete streets

wrong-way detection system
News | August 02,2018

The system turns on red lights in nearby entrance ramp meters for right-way traffic when a wrong-way vehicle is detected

smart road extension
News | August 01,2018

The $215 million plan would more than double the length of the existing 2.2-mile two-lane highway

bus route suspensions
News | July 31,2018

The transit agency cited being 90 drivers short of its workforce as reason for trip suspensions

parking guidance sensors
News | July 23,2018

The sensors and operations software is designed to help fatigued truck drivers find available parking to rest

smart corridor
News | July 20,2018

ITS installation and other improvements will be done over the next 12 years on the corridor

Driver-friendly cities
News | July 10,2018

The report compared the 100 largest cities in the U.S. across 29 key metrics of driver-friendliness

interstate improvements
News | July 05,2018

The agency's On to 2050 Transportation Plan calls for $72.7 billion in regionally significant projects

Utah DOT uses variable message signs to get personal with the driving public
News | July 02,2018

The new messaging campaign is the agency’s effort to reduce speed and boost safety, save lives

Infrastructure and its need for upgrade are the theme at a recent California technology summit
News | Larry Trojak | June 29,2018

Infrastructure and its need for upgrade are the theme at a recent California technology summit

Smart pavement
News | June 28,2018

The technology can notify first responders when a car runs off the road

traffic control network
News | June 28,2018

More than 1,500 cabinets are expected to be deployed for the city's traffic network

News | June 22,2018

Tolling rates on the tested corridors will be set based on traffic volume and speed

Strawberry Hill Avenue bridge Norwalk, Conn.
News | June 20,2018

The bridge has been struck several times by trucks due to lower clearance

smart city planning
News | June 12,2018

The city is planning to work with a private sector partner to build off its current smart city network

UAV testing
News | June 11,2018

The three-year project will complement automated and connected vehicle tests along the 33 Smart Mobility Corridor

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