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Maine DOT real-time traffic signage
News | April 18,2019

The signs will share traffic information based on data collected anonymously from mobile devices along the two interstates

public transit; public transportation ridership
News | April 17,2019

Americans took 9.9 billion trips on public transportation last year, according to the report

Figure 1. Coverage of traffic message channels (TMCs)
Exclusive Feature | Venktesh Pandey and Natalia Ruiz Juri | April 09,2019

The Center for Transportation Research explores the use of NPMRDS to support meaningful corridor-level performance metrics computation on a section of the U.S. 281 corridor in San Antonio, Texas

Best cities for driving map
News | April 05,2019

Charlotte, N.C., ranked at the top of the list as the best city for drivers, based on factors such as good road conditions and low fatality numbers

New York City traffic congestion Manhattan
News | April 03,2019

The plan is for motorists to pay to enter a particular zone in Manhattan beginning in 2021

advanced transportation, congestion management technologies
News | April 02,2019

The $53.2 million in grant funding will go toward 10 projects working to improve mobility and safety for drivers

public transportation safety
News | April 02,2019

The initiative includes $4 million in funding opportunities to prevent trafficking and other crimes on public transportation

reduced speed limit; urban mobility; traffic safety; pedestrian safety
News | March 27,2019

MDOT SHA to lower speed limit, narrow lane widths and upgrade crosswalks in central business districts

positive train control; rail safety
News | March 26,2019

WSDOT announced the technology has been implemented along the Point Defiance Bypass, where an Amtrak train derailed in December 2017

APTA public transportation investments
News | March 21,2019

New research shows at least $232 billion needed for public transportation projects

road traffic safety; dust storms; messaging
News | March 18,2019

The system will combine several existing technologies with new approaches

rail transit accident Chicago
News | March 14,2019

Three people on the train, including the conductor, were hospitalized for minor injuries

underpass at La Jolla Colony Drive in San Diego
News | March 12,2019

Major construction will continue on the underpass beneath La Jolla Colony Drive through late 2019

transit; public transportation; New York; tolling
News | March 05,2019

The proposal includes the joint endorsement of congestion pricing and a plan to reorganize the MTA

SH 99 Grand Parkway in Houston tolling project
News | February 26,2019

The $605 million loan will develop the next sections of the proposed 184-mile tollway

intelligent transportation systems
News | February 14,2019

This project is the first step in converting the roadway into a Smart Mobility corridor

Northbound Lake Shore Drive bridge structural cracking emergency
News | February 12,2019

The northbound lanes are expected to remain closed into Tuesday night's commute, possibly longer

traffic congestion study
News | February 12,2019

The company's 2018 Global Traffic Scorecard indicates traffic backups cost American drivers nearly $87 billion collectively

White House is expected to address 5G for transportation
News | February 07,2019

AI also will be under discussion

Georgia DOT’s Smart Signal System key to moving Super Bowl traffic
News | January 31,2019

The big game will brings tens of thousands down to Atlanta on Feb. 3

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