Traffic Safety

Traffic safety is paramount to every road, bridge and transit-based project and planning measure. In this channel, overall safety, work-zone safety, the safe implementation of technology and more are covered in feature articles, regular news, commentary and product information.

Best cities for driving map
News | April 05,2019

Charlotte, N.C., ranked at the top of the list as the best city for drivers, based on factors such as good road conditions and low fatality numbers

autonomous vehicles; safety and testing of AV systems
News | April 05,2019

The three automakers are working together to establish safety guiding principles to help inform standards of development for autonomous vehicles

reduced speed limit; urban mobility; traffic safety; pedestrian safety
News | March 27,2019

MDOT SHA to lower speed limit, narrow lane widths and upgrade crosswalks in central business districts

positive train control; rail safety
News | March 26,2019

WSDOT announced the technology has been implemented along the Point Defiance Bypass, where an Amtrak train derailed in December 2017

road traffic safety; dust storms; messaging
News | March 18,2019

The system will combine several existing technologies with new approaches

underride guards for trucks
News | March 15,2019

Stop Underrides Act would require all trucks to use technology that helps prevent deadly crashes

rail transit accident Chicago
News | March 14,2019

Three people on the train, including the conductor, were hospitalized for minor injuries

winter maintenance
News | February 06,2019

Michigan ranked number one for winter weather-related driving fatalities from 2013 to 2017

road transportation safety
News | February 05,2019

Agency calls for implementation of 46 NTSB safety recommendations in two years

On the heels of a request from the city’s mayor, Houston transportation advocacy group LINK Houston, in partnership with Bike Houston, is conducting an audit to identify the city’s most problematic intersections for walkers and bicyclists.
News | January 31,2019

A report will follow with recommendations

Analytics tool
News | January 14,2019

The new tool promises to fuel faster analysis, smarter targeting of states’ most dangerous roads

thermal camera detection system
News | January 08,2019

The system allowed public safety officials to catch up with the driver, preventing any accidents

Camera connected vehicles I-94/I-35
Feature | Brian W. Budzynski | January 02,2019

Connected vehicle test bed on Minneapolis’ I-94/I-35 merge aims to boost safety

Wrong-way system Arizona DOT
Feature | Don Tappendorf | January 02,2019

Thermal camera wrong-way driver alert system saves lives in Phoenix

Reduced visibility conditions
Feature | Michael Fontaine, P.E., Ph.D. | January 02,2019

Using variable speed limits to address safety during fog events on I-77 in Virginia

Minnesota DOT winter maintenance
News | January 02,2019

Last winter, there were 84 collisions between drivers and MnDOT plows 

Uber AVs
News | December 19,2018

The ride-sharing company is approved for autonomous mode operations for a full year in Pennsylvania

U.S. 60 exit to I-10 in Tempe, Ariz.
News | December 13,2018

The adjusted U.S. 60 lanes in Tempe and wrong-way pilot system in Phoenix were recognized

artificial intelligence, traffic management
News | November 26,2018

The program utilizes in-vehicle information, existing cameras, sensors and other traffic-related data to develop predictive analytics designed to reduce traffic fatalities and crash-related congestion

traffic safety
News | November 09,2018

Zendrive and its partners will award $50,000 for programs to improve public safety

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