Traffic Safety

Traffic safety is paramount to every road, bridge and transit-based project and planning measure. In this channel, overall safety, work-zone safety, the safe implementation of technology and more are covered in feature articles, regular news, commentary and product information.

MnDOT roundabout
News | November 08,2017

The study indicates the intersection types are reducing injuries and saving lives

traffic safety
News | October 13,2017

A number of agencies in the state are teaming up to implement the "Arrive Alive" Highway Strategic Plan throughout the state

road maintenance
News | September 27,2017

The highway that runs through San Bernardino County will be closed on weekdays in October

Hurricane Irma heading towards Florida
News | September 07,2017

The agency will be monitoring highways before, during and after the storm

News | August 17,2017

Preliminary work started in the past week on the ADOT’s $3.7 million thermal-camera based project

Hollywood Blvd
Feature | Lauren Ballard, Lilly O’Brien, Jordan Fraade and Jess Jaworski | August 08,2017

A commitment to ending traffic deaths in Los Angeles

Sheepshead Bay Rd after
Feature | Brian W. Budzynski | August 08,2017

In the Big Apple, a culture of experimentation and collaboration is fueling Vision Zero success

Wrong way driving warning sign
News | July 28,2017

The board recently approved a $3.7 million plan for a thermal-detection system

Truck on highway
News | July 25,2017

The department is implementing infrared technology to warn truck drivers of low-clearance bridges

Feature | Brian Watson | June 12,2017

Improving work-zone safety through advanced technology

News | June 07,2017

The new law will take effect Sept. 1 of this year

News | June 06,2017

After several years of studying ways to implement a system to prevent wrong-way incidents, the department could be revealing a prototype soon

Feature | Rebecca Sanders, Ph.D. | June 05,2017

Realizing Vision Zero in the U.S. is a goal worth every effort

News | June 02,2017

Analysis shows stonger laws enacted, legislation pushed to curb distracted driving

News | May 08,2017

Sacramento and San Diego roads will be part of the two-year test program to detect wrong-way drivers

News | May 05,2017

Officials anticipate fortnight of lane closures as they address horrible 25+ car turnover

News | April 28,2017

Since drivers in the state are more at risk for traffic-related fatalities, MDT is aiming to bring the number of traffic fatalities down to zero.

News | April 21,2017

NJDOT will reduce the number of lanes to slow traffic on the route, which is known for having many pedestrian deaths over the years

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