Traffic Safety

Traffic safety is paramount to every road, bridge and transit-based project and planning measure. In this channel, overall safety, work-zone safety, the safe implementation of technology and more are covered in feature articles, regular news, commentary and product information.

rural driving intersection safety
Exclusive Feature | Nicole Oneyear, Shauna Hallmark and Raju Thapa | August 06,2018

Using naturalistic driving study data to understand rural intersection safety

wrong-way detection system
News | August 02,2018

The system turns on red lights in nearby entrance ramp meters for right-way traffic when a wrong-way vehicle is detected

Blowing Dust Area
News | July 24,2018

New technology will detect if high amounts of dust particles are in the air that could hamper visibility

Long Grove covered bridge
News | June 28,2018

The 15,000-lb truck struck the top of the covered bridge, which has a 6,000-lb weight limit for vehicles

S.R. 30 Pennsylvania recovery
News | June 26,2018

PennDOT called on Gannett Fleming to provide expertise and assistance on the emergency project

News | June 25,2018

ITD approved spending $8 million to replace the overpass that sustained fire damage

Strawberry Hill Avenue bridge Norwalk, Conn.
News | June 20,2018

The bridge has been struck several times by trucks due to lower clearance

Channelizing posts
Exclusive Feature | Roger Wentz | June 04,2018

How infrastructure can positively affect driver behavior

Vancouver transportation safety
Feature | Liliana Quintero | June 01,2018

Vancouver’s transportation safety action plan envisions zero

Road fatalities decline
Feature | Daniel Blower, Carol Flannagan, Srinivas Geedipally, Robert Wunderlich and Dominique Lord | June 01,2018

Factors that contributed to a decline in road fatalities during the Great Recession

wrong-way crashes
News | May 30,2018

A new I-17 pilot project is testing a system that would alert police and other drivers to the presence of a wrong-way vehicle

FIU pedestrian bridge collapse investigation
News | May 25,2018

The agency is still in the process of investigating the cause of the collapse

Smart pavement
News | May 22,2018

The road system uses fiber optic sensors inside the pavement to detect roadway conditions in real time

temporary roundabout intersection
News | May 17,2018

One "pop-up" design is made up of traffic cones and signs to simulate a permanent roundabout

pedestrian safety
News | May 14,2018

Road diets and lower speed limits are among proposed solutions to lower pedestrian safety risks

work-zone distracted driving campaign
News | April 16,2018

The goal of the "Watch for Us" campaign is to remind drivers to pay attention while driving through work zones

Traffic safety against distracted driving
News | April 05,2018

About 19% of vehicle crashes on Texas roads involved distracted driving in 2017

road safety
News | March 30,2018

Recent studies indicate drivers using phones have higher risks of crash involvement

Oregon traffic safety
News | March 28,2018

The work is based on the I-84 Corridor Management Plan road safety study

FIU bridge collapse
News | March 23,2018

NTSB said workers were adjusting cables at the north end of the bridge at the time of the collapse, which they had previously done on the south end

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