Traffic Safety

Traffic safety is paramount to every road, bridge and transit-based project and planning measure. In this channel, overall safety, work-zone safety, the safe implementation of technology and more are covered in feature articles, regular news, commentary and product information.

temporary roundabout intersection
News | May 17,2018

One "pop-up" design is made up of traffic cones and signs to simulate a permanent roundabout

pedestrian safety
News | May 14,2018

Road diets and lower speed limits are among proposed solutions to lower pedestrian safety risks

work-zone distracted driving campaign
News | April 16,2018

The goal of the "Watch for Us" campaign is to remind drivers to pay attention while driving through work zones

Traffic safety against distracted driving
News | April 05,2018

About 19% of vehicle crashes on Texas roads involved distracted driving in 2017

road safety
News | March 30,2018

Recent studies indicate drivers using phones have higher risks of crash involvement

Oregon traffic safety
News | March 28,2018

The work is based on the I-84 Corridor Management Plan road safety study

FIU bridge collapse
News | March 23,2018

NTSB said workers were adjusting cables at the north end of the bridge at the time of the collapse, which they had previously done on the south end

FIU bridge collapse investigation
News | March 21,2018

Secretary Chao has asked for an audit to determine if requirements to receive federal funding for the project were met

Uber autonomous vehicle
News | March 19,2018

This is believed to be the first known death of a pedestrian in an autonomous vehicle collision on public roads

Bridge collapse
News | March 19,2018

There is plenty of finger-pointing, and cause might not be known for weeks

Bridge collapse
News | March 16,2018

Construction crews were on-site when accident happened; six confirmed dead

traffic safety older drivers
News | March 14,2018

The number of seniors killed in crashes involving drivers 65 years old or older increased by 16% nationwide

Copenhagen bikeways
Exclusive Feature | Rock Miller | March 12,2018

A look at different approaches to separated bikeway implementation

Ill. DOT gets TIGER grant to aid I-57 safety
News | March 08,2018

The corridor is notorious for traffic incidents; officials are optimistic the federal dollars will help change that

Active traffic management signage debuts on U.S. 95 in Las Vegas
News | March 06,2018

Signage goes live today on U.S. 95 near the Spaghetti Bowl

solar-powered pavement markers
News | March 02,2018

The solar-powered pavement markers, installed last month, are the first in four planned series of smart lane markers

road widening
News | February 09,2018

A diverging diamond interchange will be added among other improvements to the route

I Love NY sign
News | February 05,2018

State transportation officials announced the 'I Love NY' signs will be replaced with a new campaign

Utah DOT and Dept. of Public Safety launch Join the Resistance campaign
News | January 18,2018

In partnership with the Utah Dept. of Public Safety, the Join the Resistance campaign will proceed in 2018

road safety
News | January 16,2018

Researchers assessed that the U.S. has an overall poor record of improving traffic safety despite having the resources to do so

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