Traffic Safety

Traffic safety is paramount to every road, bridge and transit-based project and planning measure. In this channel, overall safety, work-zone safety, the safe implementation of technology and more are covered in feature articles, regular news, commentary and product information.

traffic safety older drivers
News | March 14,2018

The number of seniors killed in crashes involving drivers 65 years old or older increased by 16% nationwide

Copenhagen bikeways
Exclusive Feature | Rock Miller | March 12,2018

A look at different approaches to separated bikeway implementation

Ill. DOT gets TIGER grant to aid I-57 safety
News | March 08,2018

The corridor is notorious for traffic incidents; officials are optimistic the federal dollars will help change that

Active traffic management signage debuts on U.S. 95 in Las Vegas
News | March 06,2018

Signage goes live today on U.S. 95 near the Spaghetti Bowl

solar-powered pavement markers
News | March 02,2018

The solar-powered pavement markers, installed last month, are the first in four planned series of smart lane markers

road widening
News | February 09,2018

A diverging diamond interchange will be added among other improvements to the route

I Love NY sign
News | February 05,2018

State transportation officials announced the 'I Love NY' signs will be replaced with a new campaign

Utah DOT and Dept. of Public Safety launch Join the Resistance campaign
News | January 18,2018

In partnership with the Utah Dept. of Public Safety, the Join the Resistance campaign will proceed in 2018

road safety
News | January 16,2018

Researchers assessed that the U.S. has an overall poor record of improving traffic safety despite having the resources to do so

road safety
News | January 09,2018

The 214 traffic fatalities in NYC for 2017 is the lowest on record since 1910

News | January 09,2018

The department is launching two pilot projects to integrate traditional crash data with crowd-sourced traffic data

Kernel Density Map
Feature | Anne Vernez Moudon and Mingyu Kang | January 03,2018

Combining research can lead to lessons learned

wrong-way traffic sign
News | December 14,2017

The program is launching after a series of wrong-way incidents occurred around the Triangle Expressway

The wrong-way detection signs will go in at the I-15-Starr Avenue interchange, which is now under construction
News | December 08,2017

The wrong-way detection signs will go in at the I-15-Starr Avenue interchange, which is now under construction

LIRR Bridge overpass
News | December 07,2017

The state is spending $4.3 million to detect vehicles that exceed bridge clearances

Florida DOT sets plan to boost pedestrian safety on U.S. 301
News | December 01,2017

The stretch of U.S. 301 between Fruitville Road and 10th Street in Sarasota is rife with accidents

Ohio looking to boost road safety with possible speed limit change
News | November 27,2017

Statewide target of high-crash roads with 70 mph limit is in DOT crosshairs

VDOT wildlife fence
News | November 21,2017

The number of crashes has dropped to zero since VDOT installed the fence along I-64

MnDOT roundabout
News | November 08,2017

The study indicates the intersection types are reducing injuries and saving lives

traffic safety
News | October 13,2017

A number of agencies in the state are teaming up to implement the "Arrive Alive" Highway Strategic Plan throughout the state

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