The Transit Channel covers light rail, high-speed rail and bus rapid transit, along with the resurgence of streetcars in urban metro areas. 

public transportation funding
News | March 15,2018

Only 3.6% of TIGER grants this round went to public transit projects, compared to the 20% from previous years

News | March 09,2018

MDOT MTA is offering free rides to passengers to celebrate the early reopening of the Metro SubwayLink system

connected buses
News | February 26,2018

Twenty-four of the city's buses will be fitted with connected features to better avoid collisions

Rail line extension
News | February 26,2018

The extension will add 2.6 miles of subway service to downtown Beverly Hills and Century City

News | February 22,2018

Cities such as Seattle and Honolulu moved up in the ranks on Redfin's 2018 Transit Score

News | February 19,2018

The agreement will launch a feasibility study with the goal of connecting Cleveland and Chicago

bus communication systems
News | February 15,2018

UTA buses in Salt Lake City will be equipped with systems to communicate with traffic signals

Transit projects
News | February 14,2018

Several FTA grant programs would be cut under the proposed budget from President Trump's administration

autonomous transportation
News | February 13,2018

The pods organize riders by moving in swarms to improve public transportation 

White House
News | February 12,2018

The $1.5 trillion package focuses on public-private partnerships as well as state and local funding to rebuild U.S. infrastructure

multimodal projects
News | February 09,2018

This is the first time transit, aviation, rail freight, and pedestrian and bicycle modes obtained dedicated funding in the state

U.S. Capitol
News | February 08,2018

The deal includes a $20 billion investment plan for infrastructure

traffic signal systems
News | February 07,2018

The new technology will improve traffic signals at intersections across the city

Positive train control
News | February 06,2018

The train crash on Sunday left two dead and dozens of others injured

transportation improvements
News | January 31,2018

The Cincinnati Mobility Lab partnership will aim to improve transportation services for the region

Brian W. Budzynski
Feature | Brian W. Budzynski | January 29,2018

Purchasing anything, let alone a train ticket, should not be this confusing

The White House
News | January 26,2018

In a meeting with the nation's mayors, the president indicated he would announce a $1.7 trillion infrastructure package

$162 million up for grabs after Glendale, Az. light rail is mothballed
News | January 18,2018

The city’s transportation coffers will become potentially flooded, new projects are being proposed

bullet train
News | January 17,2018

Though projected to cost $40 billion when approved in 2008, the cost for the 119-mile segment sits at $67 billion

train safety
News | January 12,2018

The bill would give railroads until the end of the year to enact Positive Train Control

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