The Transit Channel covers light rail, high-speed rail and bus rapid transit, along with the resurgence of streetcars in urban metro areas. 

Rail improvements
News | August 20,2018

State funding will provide $6.5 million for the transit service to make rail improvements before the Olympic Games in Los Angeles

News | August 20,2018

The U.S.-Mexico border crossing facility officially opened on August 15

bus rapid transit
News | August 13,2018

Twenty-five new UTA buses will be hitting the roads around the cities of Provo and Orem

rail crossings
Feature | John Shaw, MUP, P.E., Zachary Hans, M.S., P.E., Reginald Souleyrette, Ph.D., P.E., and Peter Savolainen, Ph.D., P.E. | August 07,2018

Improving railroad grade crossing safety

Charlotte Blue Line extension
Feature | Julius Karash | August 07,2018

LYNX Blue Line light rail extension boosts ridership, development in Charlotte, N.C.

transit funding
News | August 03,2018

The $16.1 billion bill also will dedicate funding for intercity passenger-rail grants

transportation projects
News | August 02,2018

The bill provides TIGER grant funding and new money for roads, bridges, and transit

bus route suspensions
News | July 31,2018

The transit agency cited being 90 drivers short of its workforce as reason for trip suspensions

Public transit safety rules
News | July 19,2018

The two regulations complete the foundation of the FTA's national public transportation safety program

Wes Guckert
Exclusive Feature | Wes Guckert, PTP | July 17,2018

A look at the benefits and best practices of bus rapid transit

autonomous shuttle
News | July 06,2018

The timeline is to have the shuttles tested without passengers toward the end of 2018

interstate improvements
News | July 05,2018

The agency's On to 2050 Transportation Plan calls for $72.7 billion in regionally significant projects

Michael Sweeney, HNTB
Feature | Michael Sweeney | July 02,2018

States and cities must continue to forge ahead with their own transportation funding initiatives amidst mixed signals from Washington

transit bus infrastructure
News | June 22,2018

The agency announced the availability of $366 million for FY 2018 grants

commuter rail line
News | June 19,2018

The new commuter line will triple the number of trains that run along the I-91 corridor

bike-share for transit
News | June 11,2018

Using math and computer modeling, University of Waterloo researchers studied ways to couple bike-share programs with public transit

Labor's Legacy in downtown Detroit, honoring the city's 300th anniversary in 2001.
News | June 07,2018

Yesterday boasted a full schedule of sessions, tech demonstrations, and chatter on the expo floor.

The first full day of the 2018 ITS America Annual Meeting in Detroit has come and gone, and with it some interesting stuff and also some undue frustration.
News | June 06,2018

The first full day of the 2018 ITS America Annual Meeting in Detroit has come and gone, and with it some interesting stuff and also some undue frustration.

transit rules
News | May 31,2018

The rule allows transit industry officials to identify barriers to private partnerships for transit projects

Transit funding
News | May 25,2018

The $25 million in grant funds are provided through the agency's Pilot Program for Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Planning

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